Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Video vs. The Tale

      The music video, “Sonne” by Rammstein is another version of the fairy tale Snow White, however there are many differences between the two. In “Sonne”, there is no evil step mother trying to kill Snow White, but rather, it is Snow White who is destroying herself. She does not fall under the spell of the the step mother’s comb, corset or apple, but she falls asleep through her own actions of overdosing on powdered gold. Another difference is the portrayal of Snow White; in the video she almost takes the appearance of the queen by being cruel, controlling and vindictive, while in the story Snow White can be viewed as one who takes care of the dwarves home. The main difference that I noticed between the tales and the video was the image of the apple. In the fairy tale, it is the apple which she eats and becomes trapped in her throat, making her seem dead. At first she was weary about taking the apple from her disguised step mother, but in the music video, she has a whole bushel of apples set aside for her. Even as she first steps through the door, there is an apple at her spot on the table. Lastly, as she in encased in the glass coffin, she is not freed by a prince, but rather, she is freed by an apple falling from a tree, breaking the glass case ending with her catching the apple. In the video, it seems she has embraced this “forbidden fruit” while in the story it is the apple which causes her downfall. 


The music video may have been vastly different from the fairy tale but it did have some similarities. One odd similarity I noticed was how in both versions, the dwarves truly cared for Snow White. In the fairy tale, they encase her in a glass coffin and mourn her when they cannot save her from the apple stuck in her throat. Then, in the video the dwarves also encase her in a glass coffin when she overdoses and they stand around her coffin mourning her death. Other similarities are things like the appearance of Snow White, meaning in both versions they have the black hair, white skin, and red lips, and in both versions, she is preserved  by a glass coffin. 


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