Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebration of Africa

      Last Monday there was an event called the Celebration of Africa. I loved attending this event with my classmate for multiple reasons. One reason is because I was able to taste different types of african food. Even though I did not particularly like the food, it was still fun to taste the different types of food. Another reason I enjoyed this event is because I was able to learn various things about Africa, specifically both their modern and traditional forms of dancing. Most of the other things they showed during the presentation, I had already known, such as the misconceptions of Africa and how it is not a barren wasteland as some think it is. 
After doing the different dances and talking about facts about Africa, they had a game where the table who answered the fastest, correctly would get a point. Even though my table had difficulty seeing the screen, we were able to come in second place thanks to one girl who knew all the different flags of the countries in Africa. The celebration ended with an enjoyable fashion show, where people presented modern fashion styles in Africa. I am glad I went to the show and I would definitely suggest that others go see it if there is another showing. 

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