Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Final Blog!

         This is the final blog for the semester and I certainly have learned a lot about fairy and folk tales. I did not know there were so many images and purposes for these tales. It seemed that everything was a phallic symbol with the weirdest symbols being the foot going into the shoe. I still do not believe that that should be interpreted as phallic symbols. I also did not know about how far reaching fairy tales were, like I did not know that fairy and folk tales existed in places like Kenya. I also did not know about how dark and bloody a fairy tale can get with the darkest one we read being “Bluebeard”. 

Overall, I loved this class, I would definitely suggest it to any sophomores if this class is offered again next year. I liked all of the readings, however I would have preferred for there to be less lectures. I liked our class discussions more, especially when we would draw graffiti. However, I would not say that this was a difficult class, while it does involve some critical analysis of texts, you are still reading fairy and folk tales. It does not take that much time to read all the materials for the class to know all the information. Still, I really enjoyed the class and I hope it is offered for other students next year.


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