Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

        This cartoon depicts “Little Red Riding Hood” with a new storyline. Instead of having the wolf viewed as a snarling beast wanting to eat the girl walking through the forest, he is seen as an officer of the law wanting to protect her grandmother from being brought phallic symbols. Meanwhile, Little Red Riding Hood is still depicted as the same girl who is just bringing her grandmother some food and drinks but could also be viewed as wrong for bringing these phallic symbols to her grandmother. 
I liked this cartoon because it brought up the fact that everything in fairy or folk tales can essentially be called a phallic symbol. A tree, a tower, a loaf of bread, pretty much anything in a fairy or folk tale can be viewed as this symbol. In the case of this cartoon, the wolf claims that some beard, a banana, and a bottle of wine are different phallic symbols. Another reason I liked this cartoon is because of how it switches the roles of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf in the story. Instead of eating Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, the wolf is protecting her from inappropriate images seen in children’s tales.

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